1% own 50% of World Wealth

Why we need to stop this divide

The other day whilst browsing, I saw this piece of information that one percent of the worlds population own fifty percent of the wealth. It stopped me dead in my tracks, how can so few people have so much wealth? It’s incomprehensible that half the wealth in the world is controlled by so few. It also explains so much about the problems we face in this world today.

You look at the news everyday and you see pain and suffering from the streets of London to the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh and you wonder how there can be so much inequality of wealth. You see places that a little well placed investment in humankind could reap so many benefits. You see countries where the majority of it’s populace is starving and scraping a living, yet the rich are living in luxury. Corruption reigns with those with a lot grabbing what little is left so they can live even better.

We were told in the last election that there is no ‘magic money tree’ to solve the problems, yet the UK has so much money sloshing around in the elite that it could easily, if it wanted, solve the hunger and homelessness problem in one stroke, and still not even get close to wiping out the wealth. It needs little imagination to tax those with obscene amounts of cash to help make my country a place where poverty is rising and the use of food banks endemic in certain areas.

With the worlds wealth we could give every citizen of the world a fair start in life, an equality of opportunity that would be a positive force for good, and maybe a end to those who seek to exploit the ills of the world for their own agendas. Imagine a world where everyone is valued, given enough food to live. A world where disease is controlled and medical care given to all. It might be a Utopian dream but until we try to do something about it, we’ll never solve the problems.

The world we live in is flawed, but it’s our making. We need to embrace new thinking to stop this divide getting wider. For the sake of humanity let it be soon before we’re forced to watch the misery unfold again.

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