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Discrimination is an action that I don’t like. The word is divisive splitting communities and harboring fears among people. At its lowest level it means those schisms in the playground between groups where someone is left out for whatever reason. It could be that their hairstyle is wrong, their clothes don’t fit with the latest fashion or worse they are excluded for being a threat to the group leaders ego. Discrimination at this level is as wrong as it is at the top level.

Last week Donald Trump, elected President of the United States fulfilled another of his election promises and did two things. He signed executive orders, meaning that he can bypass elected government and impose his own laws, on building a wall across the border with Mexico as well as stopping Muslims from seven ‘proscribed’ countries from entering the US. For a country that became powerful due to immigration, it’s discrimination on a staggering level. Most Americans trace their lineage back to immigrants coming to the country. Indeed the native citizens were pushed to the side, their feelings and claims disregarded (even Trump is now targeting their homelands).

Racially profiling visitors to the US is totally wrong. Terrorism exists in this world but to brand an entire religion with the actions of a pitiful few is not the way forward. Problems in the middle east have been in main a reaction to the western interventions in the region. For whatever reasons, the west has dabbled in the politics of the region, bringing instability and no plan for the reconstruction. Every time a bomb dropped by the west kills a child or family, their case is strengthened. We fight radicalisation of the young at every level but actions like banning Muslims will only increase the resentment of those who see the west wanting to exploit the region and wipe out Islam.

Not only is there a ban on immigration but there is a total ban on refugees from Syria. Millions are fleeing the war-torn country because of war. In the process many die, including children. How can a country turn it’s back on allowing those displaced by war? Surely by doing so, you give more power to those wishing to radicalise? It’s a situation where it’s hard to understand the reasoning. The Christian thing is surely to help those in crisis? I weep at the thought of those innocent children who have lost their childhoods.

We in the UK are not better. As we prepare to cast off from the shore of Europe and sail into the Atlantic, we have politicians who think that banning refugees and immigrants is the right course. It’s never right to turn your back on those in need. Our country needs the expertise of those from abroad, needs the labour. However those politicians who seek power, blame everything from hospital waiting lists to housing on those who come to Britain to work. We need to do our share of helping those in crisis, by showing compassion, not turning them away. Indeed the last terrorist act on British soil was by a white man, full of the rage brought on by those who wish to ban immigration, who murdered a Member of Parliament. Someone who was radicalised by the right wing. It’s not just radicalisation of Muslims we need to fear.

I see a lot of hate directed at Trump. Hate never helps people, it makes us not think rationally. We need to show our resistance to people who try to discriminate, we need to educate them that discrimination never brings countries together. We need to build a world where discrimination, even in the playground doesn’t happen. Some say it’s impossible to achieve as it’s built into the human psyche. However I feel that it can be achieved, the world can come together, not with violence which only breeds more contempt, but by peaceful actions. It can’t happen overnight but we need to remove hate from this planet. Please fight discrimination by peaceful protest.

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