Don’t Preach to me

It’s amazing how a sentence can make people sit up and comment. Sometimes I think that if I said I was a Martian it’d get less response. Tell them, however, that you’re a vegetarian and it can evoke in people a reaction totally out of proportion to the statement.

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost four years, a dietary change made voluntary and mostly because I didn’t like the use of animals for food. Yeah you can call me a sentimentalist if you want, but it’s a belief I hold true. I don’t go as far as to cut out animal products altogether, still eating dairy and eggs as my liking for cheese is never quelled by vegan cheese products.

I’m not an evangelist about the subject, if people want to eat meat they are welcome to do it. Like most vegetarians, I’m not an evangelist about the lifestyle. People are free to eat and do what they want, I have no zeal to convert them away from their choices in life. Live and let live.

It’s amazing though how many carnivores try to convert you though, try to bend the way we think. I guess most vegetarians have the same issue. Sometimes it’s like a red rag to a bull to say you’re vegetarian. The next minutes is made up of them incredulously disbelieving that anyone could not want to eat dead animals. ‘How can you do without bacon?’ they ask. They don’t believe you when you tell them that you don’t mind but still you can’t convince them.

OK, it’s not everyone that does this, but every vegetarian has experienced it all too often. I never try to convert meat eaters away, or question why they do it. That doesn’t stop them though. I like my veggies and wouldn’t dream of changing them for flesh. At times I miss to eat certain things, mostly fish and chips at the seaside, but aren’t tempted to change as I must be true to myself.

Anyway I love my food, aubergines, squash,

So please don’t spend hours trying to convert me, or treat me second class for my dietary habits. I won’t lecture you about yours. There’s too little time in this world to worry about that.

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