Once again famine threatens lives across East Africa. Up to sixteen million in danger of death through no fault of their own. Vast areas of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya laid waste through many years of civil war. Now the TV is full of images of starving babies, long queues of people waiting in the vain hope of avoiding death. How can a world stand by and let this happen? It’s not as though it’s crept up on us. DEC has been warning of this for months. Why do the developed countries turn their backs on the poor and starving of our world and let it build up to where it is now?

The region has been blighted with famine for years. Occasionally it raises its head in the media and we get something done. In 1985 it took a pop star, Bob Geldof, to raise the message. Now it’s back and with a vengeance. We might give our donations to the appeal but we need to do something lasting to prevent it happening again. Women and children are the worst affected, forced to trek many days without food and water to reach a camp. Then they find hundreds of thousands of people there. But these are the lucky ones, they have still a chance.

Right now this area needs money and support. I can’t imagine how these volunteers are coping with the trauma they face. I am traumatised by the images right now. To actually be there in the heat and smell and not able to do enough must be so disheartening. We need to do everything to support them. Governments need to increase aid, not cut it off. Politicians and people need to think of those outside our secure and prosperous communities and give aid right now. Each minute people die because we don’t help. We need to provide love and care for those who are dying. Together we can do this.

In 2005 I attended Live 8 with my dad in London. They put the video up on the screens and 100,000 people all were quiet and in tears. Even today, right now as I write this, I am in tears. The lyrics and pictures tell a tale of misery. However one of the girls in the video was saved. She came on stage and the park was so joyous. You see we can do something. right now we need Bob Geldof to come again. We need another campaign to help those in need. We need it now. Don’t let this happen again.

We sit in our worlds worrying about our futures, but in this world there is someone off worse than you. I’ve flirted with death myself and this week heard of a boy I knew from school who died in an accident. We need to do something to help those. If you can’t afford to give then please encourage your parents, your teachers anyone who can help. Let’s be a world that comes together not a world that turns its back on starving children.

Watch the videos, please do something.

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