Happy Birthday WWW

Thirty years ago a British citizen came up with an idea to link all the computers in the world and so was born the internet as we know it today. It enabled every computer to be able to connect with each other easily, all that was needed was a modem. The first browser came a year later, but the world changed forever with this invention. It’s probably the most important invention of the last century. Without it, the world we live in today wouldn’t exist. It has impacted every person on the planet, sometimes good and at other times bad.

Imagine a world without the web. If you examine your life, it’s next to impossible to contemplate an existence without it in our lives. So close is it entwined in our routines that it would create a world wide disaster if it were shut off. Even if you’re techno-phobic, the way we now use it to gather news mean the news networks can’t get by without it. Supermarkets would shut instantly as anyone who has suffered going around for an hour before being told I can’t buy anything because the tills and card machines were down.

Yet would we really want to be Luddites and pull the plug? I guess we wouldn’t although the faith we had once in this tool has been hit by the privacy issues which suffer its very soul. It’s no longer the friendly place it once was. It’s a vehicle of false information and hate speech. You only have to look at the way politicians manipulate its content, telling lies because its not the ‘real world’.

Still I couldn’t work from home without it, indeed my career would evaporate over night (web designer). As a writer I couldn’t have shared my work with people I didn’t know, I would never have been given the feedback and encouragement to continue.

So Happy 30th, WWW, not perfect but essential to our lives, well mine 🙂

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