Hatred is blinding our vision.

This last month we have found the real meaning of hatred. Following the attacks, designed to cause terror in our communities, we start to realise that there are people in our world who wish to impose their views and conditions on our society. We realise the lengths they will go to achieve their aims, the precious lives that they are willing to risk in pursuance of their ideals. It’s brought home to us that radicalisation of members of our society encompasses all areas of the community.

The murder of Jo Cox and the terrible terrorist attack in Finsbury Park show that we have white males and females being radicalised by the media and certain personalities who insist they speak for all of us in much the same way as people twist a religion to their own perverted views. They do not speak for us anymore than those who use Islam as their battle cry.

Hatred is the worst emotion in the world. It obscures the rational with a thick red mist masking our real humanity. It make us think differently. If we listen to the voices long enough and hard enough, they become like pearls of wisdom, words handed down from the gods. They reach into every corner of our minds pushing those words of reason out. We believe, in our minds, that what these purveyors of hate tell us and are radicalised to follow their path. We need to remove the influence they have on us. They do not speak for me. People like Nigel Farage, Katy Hopkins, the UK Press. They spread their vitriol of hate over us. Racism and alienation are shoved down our necks. We must stop these people of hatred every bit as much as those perverting the name of Allah.

I am a white British middle class youth. They do not speak in my name. I know of compassion for my fellow human be they white, black or pink with yellow spots. Everyone has the right to free speech but that ends when they preach hatred for others. I’m scared for my fellow human being. We live in a world of hate and division. A place where these evil people hide in their ivory towers spewing out words of hatred. They blame others for the troubles of the world when we need to look inside ourselves to find the real solutions. They may bold statements saying Syria is safer than London. Maybe we should ship them all to Syria to live. Maybe then they’d see how it really is to live with foreign countries waging a war in your country? Where bombs falling is an everyday hazard for Syrian children.

However I am hopeful for the future of our bluey green planet. Youth rose this month and gave Theresa May a bloody nose by denying her the majority she craved. We need more politicians like Jeremy Corbyn who listen to the people, who understand that it isn’t immigrants that cause our way of life stress, but years of austerity where the rich have got richer and the poor have paid the price. Grenville Towers showed how money was put before welfare and people died. The state was slow in it’s reaction and sat in its ivory towers once again whilst the community stood as one and helped themselves. Good coming out of tragedy.

So the next time we feel hatred, even at a small level, we need to step back and remember where hate takes us. To those preachers of hete I say #notinmyname

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