I Want My Country Back

The UK used to be a place where tolerance and empathy for humankind was strong. Our multicultural life was at time fractional but yet we accepted other races, other ideas and cultures in with open arms. We invited the world to come and help keep our country safe, realising that together we are stronger.

Yet all this is about to be destroyed on a whim that we will be ‘better off’ on our own outside Europe. They hark back to better days, World War One, the rise of fascism across the world and of course empire. They say we will prosper in a world where we can make our on deals. They want to take us back to a time that doesn’t exist now. Were they better times though?

As part of a larger group, the EU, we were able to negotiate better deals as we were a larger trading block. We had free movement allowing us to live in any country in the EU, able to sell as easily to Berlin as we were to the local shopkeeper. It seems madness to put our country at risk by turning our back on this.

Most of all though was the rampant xenophobia and intolerance that has come from the decision. The harsh language used by politicians filtered down to the masses who took it on themselves to abuse others in the communities we had strove to integrate. Overnight Europeans were afraid to live in the country a lot of them called home. They were abused in the supermarket, told to go home. It’s a sad day when tolerance is forgotten and bigotry sets in.

The leavers were promised a land of milk and honey where only whites and ‘British’ were allowed to live. A land we now see as being a return to more austerity and bigotry. I don’t blame those who voted to leave. They’d been told for years that the problem with Britain was down to those ‘foreigners’ who took their jobs, school places and homes. They fostered a sense of ‘them and us’. Where austerity was the cause of a global banking system that wasn’t fir for purpose. Instead of helping those in need, we gave billions to prop up the system that had clearly failed.

So Theresa and all those out there wanting a better life, lets stick with Europe, retain close ties. What we really voted for was a better life, Leaving the EU won’t give us that, not even in the long term.

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