My Top 11 Albums of 2018

This year has been a great one for music personally. I’ve loved music from a really early age, having been exposed to so many different genres by a father who got me listening to the joys of his music collection instead of the usual nursery songs. I suspect it was so he didn’t have to listen to another verse of ‘The wheels on the bus’ going around again, but those early years made me open my ears to tracks and bands not usually associated with my age. That didn’t stop me being a big fan of Spice Girls, S-Club 7 and the Macarena but did make me appreciate long guitar and keyboard solos, so beloved by those purveyors of progressive rock.

The last few years though I’ve steered a furrow through these prog bands discovering some great new bands like Porcupine Tree, Frequency Drift, North Atlantic Oscillation and Dream the Electric Sleep. However in April this year someone challenged me about my musical tastes, saying I should be more open to what I will listen to. I realises at that time I needed to be more like I used to be when I could go from ‘pure pop’ to ‘metal’ and into ‘prog’. I was becoming a musical snob. Thanks to that person, it turned me around. I started to branch out on Spotify listening to a few suggestions until I was far away from where I was. I still love my ‘prog’ but this year only two are what can be described as prog.

Over the next few days I’ll be highlighting them in order, but before then I’ll list those that didn’t make it either because they haven’t released an album yet or didn’t make the 11. Those are Chvrches (really like them to feel happy), Pineapple Thief (Great album though), The Academics (who raise me up everytime I hear them), Dream the Electric Sleep, Rikard Sjobins Gungfly, Welcome to Space, Muse and the great late album from the Asylums. That with The Gold Needles (Great Hull based band – one for the future), Desperate Journalist (only an EP), Public Service Broadcasting (same again) and the Marsicans (ditto) it’s been a great year of discovery. Most of the top eleven are new to me this year as well.

So the top eleven will be here soon 🙂

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