NaNoWriMo – Week 2

So at the end of last week I was just a shade over 37,000 words completed in this years challenge. Slightly ahead of the curve, which is good as I spent the weekend with hardly writing a word. It’s been a good week. The story is progressing nicely, well in my opinion ;). This week I tried not to let the word count get on top of me and it certainly worked as the story flowed well.

In previous years I’ve had the story fully planned out, characters, locations, full story, you know the sort of thing. This year’s not been a good year for writing for me, and the two stories that I’ve been working on are half abandoned. Hopefully they’ll be resurrected in the coming year as I think the plots and characters are reasonably decent. I’m using NaNo this year to try to kickstart my writing and hopefully lift me up mentally to complete something worthwhile. So this year I’ve been writing on a tightrope, not literally, think about the height. I have my characters formed in my head along with the sort of story I’m writing. I’ve got an end but I’m letting the characters find their own way through the maze. I expect more plot holes than holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. It’s a decent way to write to get back into the art again though. Maybe a story will emerge, maybe it’ll be a trainwreck, I’ll settle for somewhere in between.

Below is my latest NaNo playlist. I find music helps me concentrate and these are some songs that I play most days.



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