Not My Country

I constantly feel that I’m not living in my own country anymore. The horrible racist comments hit a new low on Saturday when a ten year old boy was left traumatised by his front door being vandalised with a ‘blacks out’ message. It was daubed twice on his door and on the stairs in the flats he lived in Manchester.

Where were those who committed this heinous crime radicalised to think it was OK to treat fellow humans in this manner? Sadly by our politicians who think nothing of pushing the white supremacist message. Their vitriolic rhetoric has no place in modern society.

We used to be a country that had tolerance, now we’re just home to racists who want to tear down our communities. I was brought up to the message Hope Not Hate. Everyone should be. The colour of our skin doesn’t tell us what the personality is like, rather like a cover of a book doesn’t tell us if it’s good or bad.

We need to stop this current bout of racism that is affecting our country before it’s too late.

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