Over the last few years millions of pounds has been spent on trying to halt the rise of radicalisation in our communities. Perversely it appears to have been mainly spent in the hope of stemming radicalisation in islamic communities, whilst not enough has been spent in white communities on far right radicalisation. Populist politicians, such as Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Tommy Robinson have been given free reign to indoctrinate the minds of citizens of the UK.

Their racist, islamophobic, homophobic rhetoric has intilled our society with hatred. It happens everytime the economy fails, people seem to need to blame someone else for their woes. As a student of history, you can see it happening before in our country. In the nineteen thirties, during the Great Depression, far right groups prospered who blamed the state of the nation on Jews and outsiders who were ‘doing ok whilst the rest were in poverty. It led to the rise of fascism and Mosley ‘black shirts’ and across in Europe with Hitler and Mussolini. Fascism sought to divide people and put the blame on outsiders. Ten years after the Europe erupted into war with the allied forces fighting the fascists of Italy and Germany. One of the most despicable acts by mankind on itself took place as the fascists in charge in Germany tried to wipe out an entire race, jews, on grounds of race purity.  Over six million jews died along with numerous other minorities. In the nineteen seventies and eighties, fascism rose again in the UK with the National Front openly calling for the asians and blacks to be ‘sent home’. Racism and riots followed in towns across the UK with the far right still trying to blame the economy on outsiders.

Since then there have been many attempts by the far right to try to return to influence, but with the economy in a good state, they were mainly superficial. Since the banks crashed in 2008 though there has been a need to blame someone for the mess, instead of the banks greediness being to blame. It led to the rise of UKIP and the call for immigration control especially from Europe. It suddenly became the norm to see politicians virtually inciting the population to alienate anyone who was not ‘British’. This of course, to them, didn’t mean those born in the UK but asians, black, poles, slavs who had settled here for years. It meant anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow vision of what a British national was. Of course that was ‘white’, harking back to Hitler with his Arian fixation.

So the last few years with politicians using unheard of before langauge against other countries, during the Brexit debate, this far right minority has been spreading their foul messages of hate throughout those communities who have been affected by austerity. The government instead of helping has been pouring oil on the fire lit by the far right. It’s pro brexit, anti european stance mixed with the vile and bullying language from across the atlantic has created a worse toxic mess into which the far right rhetoric can feed. Yet through all of this, we do nothing to stop those purveyors of fascism. The government doesn’t condemn them for their misinformation. An MP died at the hands of one of those who was radicalised and still nothing. They fail to see the language and rhetoric that they use is feeding the cauldron of hate.

We need action now to show the country that we’re not alone in the world, we need those bonds and connections across Europe and the World. I fear though it’s too late, Brexit has let in those whose voice is designed to vilify and spread hatred. The next few months promise to be a defining point in our countries history. I’d like to think that our politicians would use language of reason, but I suspect we’ll be back to the vile, half truths and bitterness of the past few years.

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