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Suppers Ready


I love the way fans take music and add graphics to the work making the two into such a great piece of art. My dad’s favourite group was Genesis and he sort of made me like them too by playing their CD’s in the car on trips. It sort of grows on you and I got older and played guitar I realised how musically genius this band was. Using clever lyrics with weird time changes, some of the bands output was brilliant.

No more so than this track, a 23 minute epic. The wonderful illustrations in this video make the song so brilliant. A classic tale of good and evil, it weaves its way along. Watch in awe.


Drive Home


I love this track and video from Steven Wilson. The music is so atmospheric on it’s own, superb guitar work from the prog-father, and the video adds to the atmosphere telling a sad story that soars and falls to the depths with the mood of the music. Steven Wilson at his best.



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