The Unknown

We comprehend very little of our world, yet we purport to understand everything. We look to the stars yet can’t understand what is happening before us on this little rock. We understand what it takes to keep our bodies going, yet we don’t know how we came to be.

We notice the big events in our lives, the successes and often the failures. Ingrained on our timelines are wars, famine, football results. Life on a whole though passes us by until we stop and take stock. Then we start to realise that, unknown to us, we’ve missed huge moments in our lives and take for granted all the technology that allows us to continue our existence. Yet we don’t know how we came upon these moments. Is technology just like evolution?

We live in a world where we rely and revere more on the technology, than on the gods of old. Faith is in a product or system rather than in an unexplainable feeling. We find ways to use technology against us, divide us. Every invention can be used for greed. We find ways of turning these new technologies against ourselves, of maiming and destruction.

The internet brings us closer together, makes communication easier, yet we use it to abuse everyone. We bully by remote control, stoke anger in souls to make them send bombs of destruction to others. We misuse so many of these new technologies to enslave humans, our free will is eaten away by our reliance on this method of technology. We are sucked in and hooked like drug addicts.

Was it evolution in which we mutate from single cells in a broth of amino acids or was some power elsewhere in this cosmos responsible. Are we inhabitants of this planet or are we refugees from another world? Could it be that homo-sapiens are the aliens here? Are we just an experiment by some out of world body, like white mice in a maze, being observed to note our reactions to new stimuli?

Each night people look at the heavens above looking for a sign that we’re not alone. Radio telescopes point to the sky listening for artificial sounds, a ripple in the background of the universe’s symphony. We wait for that ‘Wow’ moment, yet what would we do if we found it? Would we be happy or would fear take over?

We yearn to find the meaning of our lives, yet we are scared that it might turn into a nightmare. Our anxieties kick in. We make plans to defend ourselves, so sure that we are that we will be threatened by what we may find. Yet we still look, rather like a child searching under the bed for the bogie man. Are we programmed to think the worst in people or is it what we’re told is ‘human nature’?

We have this deep distrust of our fellow dwellers of this orb. We are scared that somehow, they are out to rob us or kill us. We automatically put up walls around our nations, refusing access to those who need help in case a minutia may be ‘bad’. Instead of thinking that they may enhance us as a nation, we automatically brand them as alien. After all who are we to doubt our leaders? They only want the best for us, don’t they? If we can’t trust our fellow homo sapiens, then how would we react to space ships in our atmosphere? We wouldn’t for one-minute think they were there to help us, or seek our assistance. We’d assume they were there to do us harm. After all that’s the way we treat each other.

Films show us that aliens are bad. We assume the worst, that when others come to our borders they are here not for refuge, for safety. We think our world is the best, we tell everyone each day how great we are. Isn’t it any wonder that everybody who listens to the messages of our exalted leaders would want to be part of it?

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