They Shall Not Have My Hate

The need to not hate


When someone attacks the values that your society cherishes, then the first action by most people is to want revenge for what has happened. We feel the need to hate. People feel the need to make someone pay for the actions of others. Some turn like animals and hit out on those who they think perpetrated the crime, wanting to make them suffer in the way that they have. They say a bully is a bully because he was once bullied, the circle is complete and the actions are repeated again and again. Breaking that circle is difficult once it has started. We need to stop and think before we use actions or words. If they are said and done in anger then we have just made it worse.

I weep for all those who have suffered from the actions of others, be they innocent children in Manchester, guests at a wedding in Yemen killed by smart weapons, citizens in the Philippines, children cowering in ruins in Syria or those who suffer from race hate. In Manchester the other day a British Manchester United supporter decided that it would be in their best interests to devastate the lives of many families. Their aim was to make us frightened, to make us start hating others. Their aim is to further their cause and by the hate we inflict on them, we start the cycle again turning another onto the dark side.

The fact that he was a Muslim is grabbed by many as another reason to inflict hate on innocent citizens. Muslims are peaceful people who live their lives according to a strict code. Killing is aberrant to their belief. Yet because of one mans religion, they are made to feel hate from the world as a whole. Labelling people in a mass group isn’t ever good. This was an individual not a religion. If we hate all Muslims through these actions then we are not worthy. That is what they want. To cause us to hate innocent people. Then they will feel we are the aggressor and more are brought to the cause. Until we can understand what turns people to do such heinous acts, we will never be able to stop them. I won’t mention the Wests foreign policy here, but it must take some blame for these radicalisation’s.

We need to help those affected, mourn their loss but never give these individuals our hate. We need to stand together, hold hands across communities and say join us in peace and stop hating. Until we do, nothing will change.

I make no apology for using this video again. This man is an inspiration to me, I hope he can be for you.

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