They Shall Not Succeed

Waking up this morning was like entering a bad dream. Surely this must be a nightmare but it’s still there in the news and I know I’m awake. The news that a group have killed 47 people (as I write) praying in mosques in New Zealand is horrific. How can anyone take lives with such brutal force?

There is no justification for taking lives so indiscriminately and with such callousness. it makes me wonder how we’ve got to the stage in our world that people at prayer have their lives taken from them, all because they worship differently from the cowards who committed this foul act.

We’re always told about radicalisation, and how it affects the Muslim community, whilst forgetting those white supremacists who are being radicalised by our populist politicians and our press. Islamophobia is the scourge of many nations. Nothing is done to stop the hatred aimed at followers of a faith. The media use it to make us fear immigration, politicians whip up the supremacists to believe that Muslims are the enemy. They’re not, the enemy are those who use terror to further their agendas.

Over the next few days, we’ll see those who use this kind of message, send sympathy messages to those killed and injured, hypocritically as they helped whip these monsters to commit the acts of terror as sure as if they did it with their own two hands.

Those who cheered and watched and shared the event as it was live broadcast should be ashamed. Islamophobia is a huge issue that survives in almost every corner of our society and yet nothing is done. Hate is becoming a weapon used by everyone to further their causes and bring people to their point of view. Without doubt social media helps this spread like wildfire.

Terror has no religion, it exists in those who use it to frighten others. Tonight pray to whoever you like, but make sure your prayers are for peace.

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