Three Series to Die For

What series do you like? Here’s my top three that I want with me everywhere.

To me there are three great series in fiction. Three series that I would never want to be without. Three series that defined my childhood and made me want to create. Three series that are breath taking and unmissable.

When I think of all the books I’ve read, it’s quite hard to pull one out and see it as the book that you want to be buried with. So many different visions coming from those pages. It’s a mood thing as well. Sometimes I’ll veer towards one or the other depending on the mood at the time. My favourite book is always Round the Bend by Nevil Shute, for sentimental reasons, but the best one is usually the one I’m reading at the time.

Great series are there to be devoured, binge read until the words become engraved onto your eyeballs. There have been some great ones as well. Ones I couldn’t wait until the next instalment, waiting outside the book shops for them to open and reading non-stop on the way home. Turning that first page with a Christmas excitement, eager to read the virgin pages. Lots of series have caught me this way from Darren Shan’s ridiculously exciting original series, through the Hunger Games, the haunting Noughts and Crosses, Lemony Snickets wonderful creations and Sue Townsends unmissable Adrian Mole.

However, there are three worlds, or series, that I want with me all the time.

The first of these are the Chronicles of Narnia. I remember being read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and wanting to go to Narnia. Searching every wardrobe to find the hidden passage (a day long job at Ikea 😉 ). The world was so immense. Sure, it has religious connotations and I’m never happy of the portrayals in the Last Battle. However, it is a wonderful romping read, magical characters that come to life in the head and stay throughout your life.

The second of these is Harry Potter. What best series article could ever miss this world. It brought magic alive for me creating a world that I wanted to live in. I was Harry and my dad Hagrid. I lived the world and was really disappointed to find that my letter never came. JK Rowling deserves so much credit for this world that I’m sure in reality it is a real world, a shadowy realm that exists in the corners of your eyes, just beneath the surface, seen only by the believers. For seven brilliant books I devoured the magic, crying at those last words because I knew it had ended. It’s never really over though as we still can plunge back in and relive.

The third series is His Dark Materials from the mind of the great Philip Pullman. Through Northern Lights, the Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass, I lived in this crazy world where everything was like here, but then wasn’t. It was a world where the church ruled and Dust drifted from another world and humans had animals (daemons) that walked alongside us. Our souls and protectors visible to others. A world inhabited with magic and fear where talking battle bears fought for control of the North with witches and gypsums. Another series that I binge read from start to finish. The end, still gets me today. An ultimate sacrifice that I’m not sure I could have done. Luckily this world is evolving with the publishing of The Dust series. Already a third of the way into it, it has me hooked like the previous ones.

So just three series that I hold tightly to my chest. There are others. What would you add to the list ?

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