Time Travellers Don’t Die

Will Time Travel change the way you think ?

A book by Jack McDevitt

I’m a sucker for Time Travel stories. OK I’m a sucker for any story that I feel I’d like to experience. A big Doctor Who fan (Tennant and Baker), I am drawn in by stories of people travelling through time, experiencing life as we can never hope to. We’ve all probably thought about where we’d go haven’t we if a time machine arrives on our doorstep? I know exactly what I’d do, one day I will tell you all. So when I see time travel used in a story my interest is piqued. I’ve used time travel in a few of my stories so far to mixed outcomes. It works well in certain circumstances as sci-fi writers know only too well. Since HG Wells first wrote the Time Machine, the use of time as a plotline has increased, yet few of them have been as imaginative as that one.

So when I come across a new time travel book I check it out. Mostly it uses it, like I do, to put a person from our time into the past or future. Rarely does the story hit any highs. However Time Travellers Don’t Die is a wonderful exception to the rule. It tells the story about a man whose father¬†suddenly mysteriously disappeared. The son, ‘Shel’ receives a parcel from his father with four objects in it which he is told to destroy. However Shel being Shel, he plays with the objects and finds it has the ability to send him to any time and place he wants. With this device he sets off to find his father.

The story unfolds with tales of paradoxes and tragedy. The story is really well written, weaving its tale through the pages which almost turn on their own. I really enjoyed this book and am now searching out Jack McDevitt’s other books as if this is an example of his writing I want more. It’s well worth a read, the easy going style and plot twists are worthy of those great sci-fi masters such as Wells and Stephen Baxter.

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