Why I think we need a peoples vote

So before I start I should come clean, I voted to remain in the referendum. However I always accepted that the public had spoken and their wishes should be accepted, I mean that’s democracy right? Even though I dread the thought of everything it entails I stand by democracy. However in view of the current state of the House of Commons, I think it’s time to put the question to the people. This time, the vote should be, do we want a deal to stay in the customs union, go without any deal (Hard Brexit) or stay in the EU.

You see the last time we voted, it was yes or no. No one asked what sort of Brexit we wanted, everyone had their own view. If parliament is so split now, then how can they realistically divine what the people wanted ? Two options were never enough. Some voted against immigration, some about EU regulations, not everyone wanted both. In light of the House of Commons refusing to agree, surely the common sense thing is to again ask the people. That’s democracy right?

The viciousness that was whipped up by the original vote, the racism towards everyone was appalling. It led to the death of an MP which was truly shocking. Scenes outside Westminster recently make we wonder how long before someone is either attacked or killed. That was my only worry about the people’s vote. All that vitriol would come out again. Yet it’s still there. We look at the way the USA is going, all the vitriol from a President who is supposed to be a world leader, yet uses language of a seedy backstreet bar owner. Our leaders should stand up for everyone, stop this language of hate and bring us all together. A big ask for the result of a ballot, yet the last one left this country more divided than every before. We’re looking inwards, not to the rest of the world.

So come on Theresa give us a vote on our future, take some leadership and ask the people.

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