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The Fever King by Victoria Lee

The story is expertly written, I was surprised that this was a debut novel. The world created was believable and at the same time it was a terrible place to be alive.

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Grey Days and A Rainbow

The last couple of days have reminded me that although most days are good, depression never really releases you from it’s grip. It’s always there, like dark water, waiting to drag you back into its murky embraces. Most days I’m on top of the situation, able to rise above its

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Recently I found the Good Place, an american based Netflix show. At first I found it a bit insipid , but as I was dragged into the plot I realised how good the show was. The me of the last few years wouldn’t have tried it after the first episode,

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The Storm by Clive Cussler

Adventure style thriller have always been part of my life. I’ve read a few of Clive Cussler’s ones so far. I like the way he intertwines events of the past with those of the present. Often they’re ridiculously far fetched, yet somehow I love the world he has created. Like

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I Want My Country Back

The UK used to be a place where tolerance and empathy for humankind was strong. Our multicultural life was at time fractional but yet we accepted other races, other ideas and cultures in with open arms. We invited the world to come and help keep our country safe, realising that

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Playlist for January

Been a while since I shared my last playlist. This is sort of what I’ve been listening to the last few weeks, well highlights of them. Listen to it most days, along with other stuff. If you’d like to follow what I listen to, please follow here

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Writing Tip – Be aware of your surroundings

How do we create the places we know into word form? It’s not as easy as it seems. We know what’s there, we can shut our eyes and imagine being there, but our readers might struggle unless we give them enough stimuli to make it possible. We go to some

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