I Want My Country Back

The UK used to be a place where tolerance and empathy for humankind was strong. Our multicultural life was at time fractional but yet we

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Over the last few years millions of pounds has been spent on trying to halt the rise of radicalisation in our communities. Perversely it appears

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No Room At the Inn

Are we really observing Christmas ? Britain is essentially a christian country, the religion acknowledged by the state. Bishops sit in our upper parliament by

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Too many heroes in the world ? Hero is a phrase that is used very easily these days. It seems that the news is full

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Non Violent Conflict

Never use violence Sixty-six years ago today, two new countries came into being brought into existence by the efforts of its people eager to escape

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Not in my name Discrimination is an action that I don’t like. The word is divisive splitting communities and harboring fears among people. At its

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